Fine-tune your style to perfection

If your surroundings think you can ́t be more dazzling, they are wrong. Rhinestones sticking crystals will absolutely amaze others.

Different every day, unique every day

Crystals with a silver circle

Awaken your creativity. You can create all sorts of impressive shapes on your hairstyle or skin from these jewels. Rhinestones crystals are very easy to connect to all SO.nia BareSkin Jewels collections. It just depends on your mood, imagination, and of course what you want to show your surroundings. Do you long to act like a cat, that always has its head or like an incorrigible romantic, whose heart is full of love?

Be brave

You can choose from several colors of these jewelry. Light blue, pink and green go well with the office outfit if you bet on unconventionality. Then the classic crystal, black, or gold for the evening gown. Always choose colors and style according to how you feel. They will be a reflection of your inner self.

Rhinestones sticking crystals look very good in combination with boho, casual or elegant style. Guaranteed attention will attract you even during sports or when sunbathing in a swimsuit. In addition to hair and arms, it is possible to stick these
jewelry instead of earrings on the earlobes, eyebrows, lips, or eyelids, where they will
become a beautiful addition to your make-up. Their dazzling shine and maximum glitter also stand out in the middle of the neckline. This is the place, where the views of the opposite sex are most related, with Rhinestones crystals it will be even more often.

You know, that…

For proper care, we recommend stick Rhinestones crystals in the morning and peel them off the skin in the evening? SO.nia BareSkin Jewels are made by hand here in the Czech republic from Swarovski crystals. Ornaments and glue are certified according to European Union standards and are completely harmless to health. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Choose your color right now! All shades you find HERE

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