Introducing 5 unique SO.nia BareSkin Jewels collections

Charm and Beauty are not the names of fairy tales, but the magical names of two of the five collections of fascinating sticky jewelry designed by Czech fashion designer Sonia Hlaváčková. Let ́s imagine them together.

Charm: simplicity connected with mysterious symbols

The Charm collection is very
impressive with its simplicity.
Its motifs inspired by the deepest desires of the heart are suitable for everyday wear, so it is quite ideal to combine them with jeans and t-shirts. Of course, you can also take them to dresses and skirts. Customers like to call them sporty-elegant. Jewelry from the Charm collection can be glued anywhere on the body. It also looks very good to little girls from the age of six, who thus own very original jewelry.

Our recommendation:

girls really like a very cute symbol, a sticky jewel bow. With this decorative piece of jewelry and a dress, your little daughter will become a real princess.

Renaissance: artistic-creative motifs from the

Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Raphael, and many other greats of our history became the inspiration for the Renaissance collection. Ornamental patterns and elegant curves with fine details of that adhesive jewelry look very elegant. They look great for a jacket, costume, overalls, or smooth dress, for which we recommend combing your hair into a bun. These SO.nia® BareSkin Jewels are slightly extravagant, as they blend Italian history. They do not lack timelessness. If creativity is dormant in your soul, they are the right piece of jewelry for you.

Our recommendation:

jewelry from the Renaissance collection can be used to create a truly unique work on the body. They are very variable and created for collage. You can be absolutely divine, like Florence, a jewel inspired by the Medici family from Florence.

Hypnotize: luxury inspired by royal jewelry

Hypnotize is our most luxurious collection. Each piece of jewelry in this collection is gilded with three
layers of 24-carat gold
and then painted so that there is no blackening and abrasion of gold from it. The Hypnotize collection is designed to meet our demanding requirements. It goes well with wedding dresses, evening gowns, but also with costumes or with a non-traditional concept for a T-shirt and jeans, which is a very trendy and chic combination of sporty and elegant style. This creates something unconventional.

Our recommendation:

an impressive collage of luxury adhesive jewelry Scarlett and Anne on your back
or in the neckline with its penetrating brightness and glitter will catch the eye of others. Get ready. Women will envy you and the gazes of men will haunt you.

Beauty: a decent adjustment of makeup

The customers wanted something that would subtly and elegantly fine-tune their makeup to perfection. An adhesive piece of jewelry that they will be able to take anywhere and anytime, and with which they will be able to win creatively, create a completely original accessory together with other jewelry from the SO.nia® BareSkin Jewels collection. Sonia Hlaváčková complied with them, and so the Beauty collection was created. Tiny crystals will draw the desired attention to your eyes, lips, and other parts of your face and body. It’s up to you where you apply them.

Our recommendation:

leave a small bow tie, let it tickle its wings on the
skin. He can also land in his hair. His beauty in others arouses curiosity.

Paradise: Mother Nature is all around us

Although this collection was created as the last of the five mentioned, it definitely has something to offer.
With its style, it easily approaches
the Charm collection and yet it is different. It represents a mysterious paradise garden, the sky on the ground, a blooming spring meadow, or a beach with sand so fine that our skin may not even notice it. Such captivating beauty will not leave anyone without emotions. These adhesive jewelry goes very well with dresses, skirts, costumes, but also tops jeans, and swimsuits. You can also apply them to interior accessories or a mobile phone.

Our recommendation:

harmonize your soul, body, and mind with the universe and nature. The flower of life will help you in this, which will connect you with everything with its powerful life-giving energy.

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