I want women to feel unique and wonderful

Behind the SO.nia® BareSkin Jewels brand is an admirable story. In this interview, Czech designer Sonia Hlaváčková will share with you the story of the origin of her brand and what preceded it.

Welcome to the world of glitter

Charm and Beauty are not the names of fairy tales, but the magical names of two of the five collections of fascinating sticky jewelry designed by Czech fashion designer Sonia Hlaváčková. Let ́s imagine them together.

Luxury Rhinestones crystals

Awaken your creativity. You can create all sorts of impressive shapes on your hairstyle or skin from these jewels. Rhinestones crystals are very easy to connect to all SO.nia BareSkin Jewels collections. It just depends on your mood, imagination and of course what you want to show your surroundings.