How should I apply the jewels?
  • Select the place where you want to apply the jewel.
  • Before applying the jewels, your skin should be clean, dry and not oily.
  • Before application to the hair, you should smooth your hair and apply a hair product to protect your hair. Then you should apply the jewel or crystals.
  • Gently lift the self-adhesive jewel from the transparent film and gently but firmly press on your skin or hair (make sure to keep the transparent film so that you can use the jewel again.)
  • For the Makeup Art Collection, use the SO.nia Body and Hair Adhesive Gloss immediately upon first use (the individual crystals are not adhesive.)
  • Open the adhesive gloss So.nia Body and Hair Adhesive Gloss.
  • Apply a small amount of the gloss on your skin or hair and press the jewel or crystal in place.
  • Let the gloss dry for 2 minutes after application.
  • After using the jewel, place it back again on the transparent film.
How long will the jewels last on my skin?
  • The jewels will last on your skin or hair for up to seven days after every individual application.
  • How long the jewels will last on your skin depends on where you place them on your body and what kind of activities you’ll be doing.
  • For example, the jewels will last longer on your skin if you place them on your decolletage. The jewels won’t last as long on the back of your hand because they will be more exposed to mechanical friction, water or skin stretching.
  • The jewels will last on your skin longer if you ensure that your skin is dry and not oily before application.
  • The individual Rhinestone crystals will last 1-2 days on your body because the adhesive area is smaller than on the jewels. Generally, the larger the jewel, the longer it will last on your skin.
Can I apply the jewels just for one day or for a special occasion?
  • Yes, all the jewels and crystals can be carefully removed even after a short period of time – for example, if you cannot wear jewellery at work.
Can I swim or do sports while wearing the jewels?
  • Yes, you can swim with the jewels, but we recommend that you avoid exposing them to strong water pressure.
  • To make your jewels last as long as possible, we also recommend avoiding rough mechanical friction, especially if your skin is wet or sweaty.
Where can I place the jewels on my body?
  • You can place the jewels anywhere on your body, including your hair.
  • The jewels should not be placed on irritated parts of your body.
  • You can also use the jewels to decorate handbags, mobile phones, laptops, smooth surfaces of furniture, glasses or the inside of your car. To apply the jewels to fabric, you will need to use textile or leather glue.
  • Women who do not have their ears pierced will also appreciate SO.nia BareSkin Jewels, as they will be able to adorn their ears.
How can I remove the jewels from my skin?
  • Carefully peel the jewels off, making sure to peel the jewel by holding the underside, not the crystals.
  • You can remove the rest of the adhesive from your skin with an oil-based make-up remover or soap.
  • Wash your hair using shampoo and apply conditioner to the place where you had placed the jewel. After washing your hair, gently brush your hair with a fine comb or brush.
  • Return the jewels back to the transparent film to use them again.
  • If the jewels get dirty, wash them carefully with soap and lukewarm water and leave them to dry on the transparent film. Do not soak the jewels for a long time.
How can I put on the jewels again?
  • If you want to place the jewels on your body, make sure that your skin is dry and clean.
  • If you want to place the jewel on your hair, make sure that your hair is dry and clean and avoid using oil-based hair products.
  • Carefully remove the jewel from the transparent film.
  • Open the SO.nia Body and Hair Adhesive Gloss.
  • Lightly spread the gloss on the back of the jewel. Gently press the jewel on the desired place on your body or hair and wait for two minutes until completely